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Rejected names for Stealthy Box

You’re not going to believe this, but coming up with a name for something that you’re pinning your livelihood on is hard as hell (I’m building a website, by the way). Not only do you want to come up with something that’s clever and sounds cool, a lot of what you come up with doesn’t have a URL that’s available for purchase. I’d honestly have an easier time naming someone else’s child.

It took several nonstop hours of thinking before we settled on Stealthy Box, and we think it’s great. It’s a reference to one of our favorite game franchises of all time, it’s snappy, and it’s easy to remember and spell.

So what of the names that we passed on? Have a look at a few that I can still bother to remember:

  • GameInk
  • Gaming Kibitzer
  • Gamer Suplex
  • Kibitzer Suplex
  • IGN.net (not really, but it’s an $18,000 URL!)
  • Hide in a Box

We almost settled on Hide in a Box — damn close, actually — but it didn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


I’m building a website, and you’ll get to see it on March 28th.


Well, not just me. I’m incapable of that. There are other, talented people working on it, but it’s a thing nonetheless. It’s going to be called Stealthy Box, it’s going to be a multiplatform games site, I’m going to be the EIC, and it’ll be up on Thursday, March 28th.


We’ve been building this site for the past month or so, and we’ve already got content ready to go on day one. Editorials, interviews, a podcast, and even a couple of giveaways are all on the burner, and we’ll also be working on posting all the latest breaking news about your favorite consoles and handhelds (sorry, no PC or mobile — we’ve only got so much manpower). All the standard social media channels have been set up, too — you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

It’s been a significant investment of both time and money, and I’m nervous as all hell. But I’m also damn proud of what we have brewing, and I think that we’re going to end up with something you’ll want to keep an eye on.