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Guns are killing machines.

Their express purpose is to inflict harm on a living thing. They didn’t choose to be used for that, but that’s what they’re for. Gun manufacturers constantly work on making them more accurate and more efficient. Not so Jimothy can hit a target 100 yards away at the firing range, but so that you waste fewer bullets when trying to kill something.

Guns are for cowards.

They’re the easy way out. That’s why criminals use guns. They easily intimidate, they’re easy to use, and they’re alarmingly easy to obtain. When the reaction is “I need a gun to protect myself,” it’s because you’re afraid. You’ve reacted in cowardice against cowards.

Are cops and soldiers cowards? No, since I presume that obtaining a firearm wasn’t their sole purpose for doing so. There are easier ways to get a gun.

Fuck guns.


Here’s a Collection of Assholes Who Hope/Are Glad That Their Fantasy Football Team Wasn’t Affected by a Murder-Suicide

There’s a tragic story coming out of Kansas City this morning in which a Chiefs player allegedly took his life at the team’s practice facility after he’d murdered his girlfriend. This is awful news, and reporters near the situation were careful not to name the player or his girlfriend until the families had been notified.

Twitter being what it is, there were plenty of assholes hoping that the player wasn’t Jamaal Charles or Dwayne Bowe, purely for the sake of their fantasy football teams. Doing a search for “not jamaal charles” or “not dwayne bowe” was pretty much the anal sphincter into Twitter’s colon.

Here are those fuckwits, presented without further comment. Read more of this post