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I’m building a website, and you’ll get to see it on March 28th.


Well, not just me. I’m incapable of that. There are other, talented people working on it, but it’s a thing nonetheless. It’s going to be called Stealthy Box, it’s going to be a multiplatform games site, I’m going to be the EIC, and it’ll be up on Thursday, March 28th.


We’ve been building this site for the past month or so, and we’ve already got content ready to go on day one. Editorials, interviews, a podcast, and even a couple of giveaways are all on the burner, and we’ll also be working on posting all the latest breaking news about your favorite consoles and handhelds (sorry, no PC or mobile — we’ve only got so much manpower). All the standard social media channels have been set up, too — you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

It’s been a significant investment of both time and money, and I’m nervous as all hell. But I’m also damn proud of what we have brewing, and I think that we’re going to end up with something you’ll want to keep an eye on.



The Mass Effect 3 Ending You Always (read: Never) Wanted

In the four months since the release of Mass Effect 3, pretty much all that could possibly be picked apart, theorized, and said about its controversial ending has been thrown out somewhere for the internet to see. With the Extended Cut endings seeing light in late June, even more so.

But way back in March, while the supposedly terrible ending was still bubbling in the skulls of angry fanboys, I got an idea. Well, Travis Foster of Front Towards Gamer and I had an idea: write as many ludicrous new endings to ME3 as we possibly could. I quickly whipped one up and emailed it to him, and we were off.

…except that PAX East was right around the corner and we both had a lot of planning to do for our respective sites — he for FTG, while I corralled appointments for PlayStation University. We told each other that we’d get together in Boston to hash some of it out, but we just ended up doing a lot of heavy drinking instead. Whoops!

It’s been months now, so it’s probably safe to say that we won’t do it as we’d initially dreamed. However, I’m tired of seeing the document on my hard drive and nothing coming of it, so fuck it — I’ll post the ending I wrote here.

I haven’t edited the story since I wrote it in March (and it’s shit anyway), so sorry in advance. Read more of this post

My Twenty Years with SNES and Super Mario World

Today, as you may well know, the Super Nintendo turned 20 years old in North America. Just as importantly to me, this also means that Super Mario World is 20 years old. This means that the internet will be flooded with lists and features covering every aspect of the machine, and I struggled for about 40 minutes to think of something along those lines that I could contribute to the internet. Everyone else will probably do a better job than anything I could have conjured up, though, so instead I’m just going to write something on a much smaller, but much more personal scale. Read more of this post