Honey Bunches of Joe

This be Joe Garcia's blog.

Bloggy blog

So I guess the 8 people in Professor Levy’s journalism class today have a blog now (or a new one, if they already had one).

I’m already really familiar with WordPress, because I write features for PlayStation University, which uses WP for it’s front page. I write there much more often than I’ll ever write here, so check I’ll link to my stories when I post them. If you’re so inclined, here’s a link to an archive of all my features — 31 of them since March, to be exact. I mostly write fun and goofy list features (all about video games, obviously), but there’s some in-depth stuff in there, too.

For now, I guess I’ll work on making this blog look less drab. Hopefully I’ll be able to post things semi-regularly over the course of the semester. I’m also on Twitter (see the widget over there?), if you just can’t get enough of me.


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